Saturday, March 24

Hotel Akanksha

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You will be amazed how life could come a full circle away from home. Our fetish for residency coupled with a quiet, determined and professional approach towards guest relations will surely make you feel at home. Prima donna in the hospitality industry in Central India, our’s is a hotel with amenities and comfort that are truely exclusive. Centrally located in the lush green and dense forest city of Jagdalpur.

At the outset let us take this opportunity to welcome you to Hotel Akanksha a delightful standard facility hotel at an affordable price, recently becoming the choice of the city for our services and standards.

We have been given to understand, that you have on going meetings and conferences & visitors and guest coming from time to time for different purpose in keeping with your progressive image. We also appreciate the fact that you require excellent facilities with professionally backed up food and beverage services and superlative hospitality for these.


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