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Ganesh Temple of Barsur

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Ganesh Temple of Barsur

Barsur| Bastar CG

Ganesh Temple is located in Barsur, Danewada District, Chhattisgarh. This temple is famous for its historical significance. The city Barsur is named after king Banasur, who was great devotee of bhagwan Shiv. It is said that daughters of Banasur, Usha and his minister’s daughter Chitralekha were best friends. They were devotee of Ganesha. So they asked their father to construct temple for them. They created this twin Ganesh Temple of Barsur.

The two idols of Ganesh in the same temple are unique. It is believed that it is the third largest Ganesha statue in the world. There are two statues of Ganesh built with sand stones, the large statues is about seven feet and the height of the small is five and a half feet.

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