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Fairs in bastar

Fairs in bastar
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The Madai Festival is one of the unique attractions of Bastar held in the different villages stretched out from Mandla to Bastar. This time of the year and the festival is favorite to the Gonds who come from distant places to meet their nearest and dearest ones and to buy a year’s supply of items like salt and cooking oil.

The Madai Festival is prearranged in many villages but the most popular one is held in Narayanpur in the district of Bastar. The day of the Madai Festival is of great spiritual importance. The devotees gather under the shade of a sacred tree in order to sacrifice a goat and offer it to the Mother Goddess. When the goat is slaughtered, loud singing, beating of drums and bells goes on and the slaughtered goat is taken around the entire village.

The whole night is spent in dancing, eating and enjoying to the fullest. The Madai Festival is held in the third or fourth week of the month of February every year.


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