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Cuisines of bastar

Cuisines of bastar
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Every part of the country has its own food culture and Chhattisgarh also boasts of its rich tradition of food culture. Chhattisgarh is famous as rice bowl of Central India and most of the traditional cuisines of this state are mainly made from rice. Traditional food of Chhattisgarh comprises tribal food culture and mainly includes various foods made of rice and rice flour, curd and a wide variety of green leafy vegetables such as lal bhaaji, chowlai bhaaji, chech bhaji, kaanda bhaaji, kochai patta, kohda and bohar bhaji. Badi and Bijori are two optional food categories. Fara or muthiya, cheela (dosa like dish made with rice batter), chousera roti (puri made with rice flour) and angakar roti etc. are much popular as breakfast dishes. Bore Baasi, literally meaning dipped rice from the last cooked meal, is the most common meal consumed by the people during scroching summer.


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