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Btri folk song

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Jagdalpur. Which is quite a rich cultural tradition of Bastar is nirali Parab tradition cit. Qawwali Btri public bidding as there is competition between men and women. Every verse of the song on the first question to answer is the question. This question and answer one or two hours in the morning rather than the evening shows are not. So if your Fun specializes in both rival of the time, it takes two to three days.

Pride in defeat

Songs lost in this competition also be considered as a matter of pride after losing his wife to get the best from the defeat, the remains of the man or the man, or the woman told her all is acceptable.

The argument based on events

Cit Parab argument is based on the songs of the competition. Replying to questions, mythology, Ramayana, Mahabharata, folklore and culture of Bastar are based on reasonable excerpt. Comic gags and dig at a second scholarship, the inclusion of all the juices, without musical notes, tone, intonation and unique is that it is a descent that keeps listeners engaged until the end. The competition and judging the race would not bond. Losing and winning competitive set themselves, and the audience supporting him.

Changes Coming

The second day of the annual fair competition cit Bkavand Parab attending Odisha’s Koraput district Smla Subo and from village to village in Bastar Dnpunji Suhagdin said this tradition is changing with time. Cit Parab song to sing a song called Kui India. They are now only at the invitation of the villagers come to the fair-Mh Di or special occasion, it is becoming completely commercial. Both are competing in different villages. Questions and answers are completely dependent on the mood and the knowledge which results are not fixed in advance. But win or lose each other is not placed a bet before the competition would determine the course.


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