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Bell Metal (Dhokra)

Bell Metal (Dhokra)
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Bell metal or Dhokra work is most popular craft of the state and is usually practiced in Bastar & Raigarh districts of Chhattisgarh. Tribal artisans of the region craft bell metal handicrafts using brass and bronze with hollow casting and the lost wax technique. This art is known as ‘Dhokra Work’ and is mainly practiced by the tribes like ‘Ghadwas’ of Bastar and ‘Jharas’ of Raigarh districts.

Traditional Ornaments (Tribal Jewellery)

Traditional ornaments of Chhattisgarh reflect tribal touch and is one of the most sought after items from this state. Well, traditional jewellery in Chhattisgarh is widely available in a variety of gold, silver, bronze and mixed metal. Along with tribal ornaments made out of beads, feathers and cowries are an integral part of tribal costumes as tribal men and women both equally tend to wear traditional ornaments.


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