Thursday, June 21

Bastar costumes

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Chhattisgarh has a vibrant culture that exhibits various colors. Mainly traditional costumes of Chhattisgarh are that of tribes and tribal people in the region. These costumes of the tribals are unique and attractive as well as reflect vibrant and multihued rich culture of the state. Men and women both usually love to put on bright and colorful attires. Traditional costume for women is ‘Lugda` (saree) and `Polkha` (blouse). Tribal women are very particular about color and length of their sarees. They tend to wear knee length or full length saree in bright colours. The most used fabrics for saree are linen, silk and cotton and these beautiful sarees are usually painted with molten wax. Along with, tie and dye is a common technique used in Chhattisgarh to make fabrics which are called, ‘Batik’.

Tribal men belonging to Halbas, Ghotuls, Abhuj Marias and Murias, etc. generally wear dhotis and cotton turbans. Gaudy costumes in striking colours are main features of the tribal festivals that make them much more attractive and spectacular as well. Tribal women love to put on traditional ornaments including neck pieces (usually made of metal casts), ainthi, kardhani , pounchhi, bichhiya, silver ghungroos and chunky wooden bangles especially. Tribal ornaments made of beads, feathers and cowries are mostly seen during festivals and special occasions. As in any other urban area of the country, men usually put on trousers and shirts in the urban areas of Chhattisgarh state. Urban women mostly wear sarees and salwar suits in modern style. Sarees generally can be found in several fabrics including Maheshwari silk, Orissa silk, Chanderi silk and Batik print sarees etc. that are majorly worn by the women in the urban areas of Chhattisgarh.


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