Saturday, March 24

Bastar Band

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The group has so far given nearly 50 presentations through out the country. The objective of the Bastar Band is Banduk chhodo-Dhol pakdo, which means throw guns and hold drums, because gun destroys where as drum expands the life. The Bastar Band members says that risk is there in any work, so if risk is related to a good cause like using music for social therapy the risk must be accepted, and the group has done. The presentation of Bastar Band has been widely acclaimed through out the country. It is given performance in all the corners of the country as well among the dignitaries including Hon’ble President of India, Hon’ble Governor, Chief Minister and Several Ministers and officers of Chhattisgarh and some other states. It has also participated in renowned cultural festivals in various part of India.

Bastar Band is a music therapy to the wounded people of Bastar area and an effort worth appreciation and commendable recognition for showcasing the hitherto not known or less known musical treasure of the beautiful cultural landscape, Bastar.




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